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Do you bother with your CHM file that can't print topics in CHM file with easy step like print
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26 November 2011

Editor's review

This is software that will help get the CHM content converted into Word and edit and print the content easily.

It is quite difficult to get the topics in CHMb and manipulate the content. Word formatted content is much easier to edit, manipulate and get the topics printed. Thus this converter could be useful for people who handle a lot of CHM formatted help files. You would be able to save quite a lot of hassles in printing CHM files. Drag and drop makes it even easier to get them into the interface area for conversion. The built-in editor lets you edit the content quite easily too. This is the edit tab on which you can get the edit done. The editor is compatible to the MS Word features too. On the HTML preview tab you are able to view the details of the source document and make sure there are no issues there.

HTML editor also is available so that some amount of edits is possible in the source document too. The conversion process is simple, open a file, select topics and then start conversion. It is as easy as that. However, the product appears to be not completely finished yet. For example in the Word Editor tab, you would expect Word like controls to be available. When you try to actually convert some sample documents the program exits with runtime errors. The developers should have done a complete regime of testing before releasing the product.

Publisher's description

Do you bother with your CHM file that can't print topics in CHM file with easy step like print a Microsoft Word Document?
Our CHM2Word is easy solution. With our CHM2Word, you can easy convert topics in CHM file to Microsoft Word Document to print or edit. So you never worry about print topics in CHM file again.
1. Convert the specified topics in CHM file to Microsoft Word Document.
2. Save your time to print a CHM file.
3. Drag and Drop supported to convert a CHM file to Microsoft Word Document.
4. Build-in Word Editor to edit and print the Microsoft Word Document directly.
5. Build-in simple HTML Editor to edit the HTML file directly.
6. CHM Decompile function supported.
7. Microsoft Office XP Style and Microsoft Office 2003 Style theme supported.
Version 5.2
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User comments

Converts only in "Portrait" mode. You are not given any other choice. If you have a CHM that was created in "Landscape", too bad: your pages get chopped off at the side edges. For $50, this program should do a whole lot more than what it does.
Unable to get program to work. Unhandled exception just checking a topic for conversion.
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